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Suntile Quick Kit

Suntile Quick Kit

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A Quick Kit is ideal for loft voids with no ceiling such as lofts, garages, barns and stables.

It comprises of a Suntile, under tile flashing and 150mm of reflective annodised aluminium duct with a fixed in-line ceiling diffuser. Our aluminium duct is 150mm in length and 236mm in width.

Our Suntiles are constructed from UV-stable polycarbonate, renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. The robust nature of these materials ensures that Suntiles can withstand harsh environmental conditions without compromising their integrity over time.

One notable advantage of Suntiles lies in their ability to provide enhanced security. This is achieved through the implementation of an inline prismed diffuser, meticulously designed to prevent any visibility from the outside into the building through the Suntile's back surface. By effectively obscuring the view, Suntiles offer a heightened level of privacy and safeguard against unauthorized access.

The Quick Kit comes with everything needed to be installed.

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