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Suntile Loft Conversion Kit

Suntile Loft Conversion Kit

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A Loft Conversion Kit is suitable for ceilings in line with the roof pitch and is ideal for loft conversions, hallways, en-suites, bathrooms and more. This kit comprises of a Suntile, under tile flashing, 300mm of highly reflective anodised aluminium duct and a double glazed diffuser. The Loft Conversion Kit comes with everything needed to be installed.

Our external Suntile is not only UV stable but are also crafted from polycarbonate, rendering them remarkably sturdy and surpassing the strength of conventional roof tiles. These exceptional properties ensure that a Suntile can withstand various environmental factors, providing long-lasting protection for your structure.

Aside from their robust construction, Suntile possesses the remarkable ability to illuminate your interior spaces with abundant natural light. The simplicity and effectiveness of their design make them an ideal choice. By harnessing the power of sunlight, Suntile effortlessly fills your rooms with a radiant glow, enhancing the overall ambiance and reducing the reliance on artificial lighting.

Suntile excels at brightening even the darkest spaces that crave additional natural light. This is achieved through their innovative ducting design, which optimizes light reflection downwards while minimizing light diffusion. As a result, Suntile offers a lighter and brighter illumination compared to alternative models, transforming previously dim areas into vibrant and well-lit spaces.

In summary, our external Suntile embodies a winning combination of UV stability, exceptional strength, and the ability to usher in copious amounts of natural light. With the Loft Conversions innovative design and superior functionality, they not only outshine traditional roof tiles but also invigorate your living spaces, creating a welcoming and visually stunning environment.

Our internal diffusers are 320mm x 320mm and sit 5mm from the ceiling once secured.

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