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Suntile 2m Rigid Extension Kit

Suntile 2m Rigid Extension Kit

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The Rigid Extension Kit will pipe daylight into a room below a roof space such as a bathroom, corridor or stairwell. Our system features a telescopic design, allowing for effortless adjustment of its length to perfectly fit your space. With this innovative feature, there is no need for cutting the ducting, ensuring a seamless and precise installation process.

The Rigid Extension Kit comes with a ceiling diffuser, secondary flashing, aluminium ducting and everything else needed to fit and finish installing the kit.

Our system is the easiest product to fit compared to similar options on the market. With a streamlined design, it eliminates complexities, saving you time and effort. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our product ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing quick and efficient installation.

They come in three different lengths: 1.7m, 2.0m and 3.0m, making them able to cater for all different types of spaces with no need to cut the ducting, simply place where needed.

Our internal diffusers are 320mm x 320mm and sit 5mm from the ceiling once secured.

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