Product Info

A versatile product, Suntile is a clear tile that replaces one of your existing roof tiles to allow daylight into your attic, loft conversion, and loft void. This natural light can also be channelled to a room or space below a roof void, such as bathrooms, en-suites, stairwells, landings, corridors, garages, workshops, and stables. No planning permission is needed and they can be easily and quickly installed.

With our home requiring planning permission to install a window, we decided to fix our problem by investing in a light collector and pipe system to channel natural light from the roof void directly into our bathroom. However, we knew this would not be a quick or easy fix.

Virtually all light collector and pipe systems available on the market at the time comprised of many component parts, were fiddly to assemble, often required cutting tools and took many hours to fit. This increased the overall cost of the installation for the customer.

Suntiles will not only save you money on your electricity bill but are environmentally friendly reducing the need for electric lighting. Studies have also shown that natural light improves your well-being providing health benefits too.

In addition, our Quick Kits are useful for deterring unwanted pests like rats and squirrels and provide a long-term and more humane solution than calling out Pest Control!