About Us

Suntile UK Ltd is a family-run company established in 2002 after having four young sons who hated using our dark windowless bathroom. 
With our home requiring planning permission to install a window, we decided to fix our problem by investing in a light collector and pipe system to channel natural light from the roof void directly into our bathroom. However, we knew this would not be a quick or easy fix. 
Virtually all light collector and pipe systems available on the market at the time comprised of many component parts, were fiddly to assemble, often required cutting tools and took many hours to fit. This increased the overall cost of the installation for the customer. 
As a team of experienced roof technicians, we had fitted many a system over many years and on each fitting we felt the process was cumbersome and unnecessary. This marked the beginning of our new mission - to design an efficient and attractive light system that is quick and easy to install. 
Welcome to Suntile UK, now 19 years old and improving our products year on year. Our Suntiles replicate the form of your roof tile so is discreet and tidy - no big bulbous domes, pyramids or bubbles like that in a lot of systems, and in most cases simply replaces your existing roof tile. 
Our daughter was 10 days old when we had our first Suntile meeting and we are delighted that she too has decided to join our family business.